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Nicholas Bush

Nicholas Bush is the founder and Principal of Bush Consulting Group. Nick brings to the firm more than 25 years of experience in conducting and leading growth strategy assignments in diverse fields ranging from specialty chemicals and medical devices to software. Nick is responsible for thought leadership, mentoring, and providing strategic direction to the firm. Prior to founding Bush Consulting Group in 2011, Nick served in top leadership roles at a Cleveland-based product technology consulting firm and for a leading strategy firm spinout in Providence, Rhode Island, and Chicago. He holds degrees in business and political science from Carnegie Mellon University.



Our team is supported by an experienced and talented group of consultants – both full time and flexible contract resources. The team brings to our work the credentials of leading  professional and educational backgrounds and substantive industry, growth consulting and entrepreneurial experience.





Dr. Byron Clayton
Dr. byron
claytonrobotics and automation technology adoption

We work closely with Dr. Byron Clayton when helping companies to evaluate particularly challenging  opportunities associated with robotics or automation technology deployment.


Dr. Clayton's work specializes in helping companies de-risk the adoption of new technologies, using his proprietary, step-by-step process.  His work informs the decisions of executives and  technical specialists needing to successfully select, justify, implement and optimize cutting edge innovation.


In prior years, Dr. Clayton served as the CEO of Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM).  ARM is a national manufacturing innovation partnership between the Dept. of Defense, Carnegie Mellon University and over 200 of the top innovation companies and institutions across the United States.  He also served as CEO of Research Park Corporation (RPC), where he helped Louisiana technology companies create the jobs of the future.   In his last year, RPC’s annual economic impact on Baton Rouge alone exceeded $196 million.  In total, Dr. Clayton’s work in developing, commercializing and implementing high tech systems and software spans over 40 years.

hughesAdditive Manufacturing

We partner with The Lanterman Group to help companies seamlessly address strategic growth issues associated with their pursuit of additive manufacturing (AM) or 3-D printing technologies.


The Lanterman Group is a flexible business innovation and design firm which helps companies innovate, design, and execute holistic additive manufacturing strategies grounded in business viability, market desirability, and technical feasibility.  


Led by Founder and President, Anthony Hughes, The Lanterman Group brings to bear deep technical and commercial skills across additive manufacturing, traditional manufacturing, product design, software, and program management discplines. Prior to founding The Lanterman Group, Mr. Hughes led innovation efforts for an Ohio-based Additive Manufacturing design services company, and has led software sales and engineering groups at Oracle and PTC. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


In partnering with The Lanterman Group, we offer a seamless and comprehensive strategy offering to clients with interest in additive manufacturing technologies as a vehicle for growth. In addition to helping companies determine the most valuable AM opportunities to pursue, we can aid in their implementation of these strategies through commercialization support, and product and facility design services.

chrisekoscost-driven strategy support

We partner with two specialty firms: Intellicosting, LLC and KnowHow Strategy & Analytics, to address a range of complex cost-related challenges related to market share loss, cost management/reductions, price-to-win, or upcoming negotiation preparations. These firms bring decades of combined experience to cost and profit analysis at the business unit-, plant-, and product-levels. 


Led by Founder and CEO, John Chrisekos, Intellicosting’s core business stems from extensive work in discrete manufacturing industries and its TrueCost™ database – a repository of thousands of costed components used to help companies develop innovative design solutions, achieve verifiable savings, and deliver supply chain management solutions. Mr. Chrisekos brings more than 29 years of experience in manufacturing engineering, DFM/A, competitive assessment, and manufacturing planning and strategy.


Prior to founding Intellicosting, he was the Global Champion for Cost Benchmarking at General Motors Corporation.  Mr. Chrisekos holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University and an MBA from the Wayne State University.

MEINHARDcost-driven strategy support

Troy Meinhard founded KnowHow Strategy & Analytics to foster better strategic decision-making through data-driven analytics and insights. Mr. Meinhard’s two-decades of cross-functional corporate and consulting experience lends deep perspectives on strategic pricing, activity-based costing, and discrete- and process-manufacturing financial analytics.


Prior to KnowHow, Mr. Meinhard was a partner with the boutique firm Enlight Advisors, led Pfizer R&D Division’s Resource Forecasting and Modeling Group, and was a Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.


By partnering with Intellicosting and KnowHow Strategy & Analytics, we offer a seamless and comprehensive offering to clients with interest in cost-driven strategy development. Our formalized partnership, the Strategic Cost Consortium, helps companies in process and discrete industries confidently place investments; innovate and optimize new products; improve costs and margin; and drive procurement excellence. Visit the Consortium’s page here: www.strategiccostconsortium.com.


Our philosophy of straight-shooting and transparency produces actionable results for clients while creating a work environment which is both rewarding and stimulating. Bush Consulting Group offers a culture where all share in the effort and the success. We partner with clients for the long-term. We strive to deliver critical insights to our clients’ most essential growth initiatives.

Bush Consulting Group - Careers


When looking for top professionals to join our team, we evaluate candidates for their acumen in science, economics, mathematics, and extraordinary work ethic. Candidates should be process-driven, direct, persuasive, and embody the core values of Bush Consulting Group.
What we offer is a highly competitive salary commensurate with experience, an opportunity for an attractive annual bonus, and real opportunities to impact our clients' businesses, shape the firm, and drive its growth.
Our culture is merit-based with commitment to a work/life balance. We are collaborative and unassuming – while confident we deliver the highest quality work product in the industry.