The way in which we execute our work is unlike most other firms, a throwback to an era when hard-fought strategic insights trumped ideas du jour and the echo chamber.

At the heart of our hard-fought strategic insight lies a deep competence in state-of-the art research and applying it to situation-specific frameworks – developed over decades of practice and implementation.

The best way to describe our process is by comparison to archaeology. Like a dig site, our work often surveys an unbounded landscape, through which we stake a figurative grid to help systematize, prioritize, and sequence the ensuing effort. Deploying specialized tools, we dig to varying depths, using knowledge of where we are most likely to find relevant information. We sift through tons of dust and dirt, collecting only fragments of what we ultimately seek. Finally, we assemble these bits and pieces using specialized frameworks, allowing an otherwise unintelligible – and often surprising – picture to emerge.   These four elements: our research process, varying depths, expert tools, and specialized frameworks constitute our firm’s unique capability to unearth and deliver critical insights. And, like archaeologists, we're not afraid of getting our hands dirty.

“I tell people, if you want industry expertise, don’t call these guys. if you want a firm with processes And work ethic to get to the answers in any industry, call them. and they not only get you to the answers, they give you a pathway to execute on them. That’s what’s so valuable.”

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about our firm

Though based in Cleveland, Ohio, our team is decentralized, composed of industry generalists with extensive consulting and executive management experience.
Because our work crosses over multiple industries, we help companies in any field quickly identify the best opportunities to grow. Our experience in scientific and engineering disciplines and our work with some of the most sophisticated global industrial companies position us well to support innovation-driven clients in highly technical fields.
With our talented consulting team and vast network of industry insiders we tap into for assignments, we offer our clients the best of both worlds: functional excellence in growth disciplines supported by world-class subject matter expertise.


Our clients, some of the largest and most respected companies globally, consider our team in their top tier of consulting service providers. Moreover, they keep coming back to us. More than 95% of our firm’s clients elect to hire us for multiple engagements.

Three things keep them coming back to us, over and over.

  • Our ability to get up to speed quickly - on their businesses and the issues at play
  • Our flexible engagement model, to work in close collaboration or operate independently, as the situation dictates
  • Our insights, which drive consensus and 'cut through the BS' - especially when getting it right really matters.

Our success is not by accident. It's a result of the approach to our work, which we call Business Archaeology. It’s a combination of process, expertise, tools, and frameworks. It's most powerful when a 'single truth' is needed to propel the organization forward, and has translated to billions in growth for our clients.