What we do

“You understood our business at a level that no other ‘marketing’ or consulting firm ever has. It really sets you apart.”

executive vice presidentsteel processing equipment company

Bush Consulting Group specializes in helping business leaders develop and execute their organizations' most critical growth initiatives. Our work covers the entire product and business life cycle for clients, who lead a diverse range of innovation-driven businesses.   Through our propriety research and analytical approaches, we deliver critical insights into:

CUSTOMER demand and unmet NEEDS,
VALUE creation and translation to price,
fact-driven cost targets,


Our clients – a diverse mix of Fortune 500 corporations, privately-held companies, and leading non-profits – task us with addressing their toughest growth challenges. Through our work, we bring focus to unbounded opportunity landscapes, confidence to their investment decisions, and speed to results.
Since our founding, we have contributed to billions of dollars in growth for clients and counseled against numerous value-destroying initiatives.

We deliver a highly synthesized, executive level analysis and actionable plan.
Bush Consulting Group has become a trusted advisor to dozens of premier organizations by helping them to:

Swiftly bring new products and technologies to market

Engage and capture new customers

Grow through sound acquisitions

Price with confidence

Drive out cost from product offerings

Enhance competitiveness

Our experienced team and proven processes guide companies during crucial periods, when substantial investment is at stake and circumstances call for much more than a superficial assessment.

Bush Consulting Group brings a powerful combination of proprietary research and data analytics capabilities to:

Understand Customer Demand and Unmet Needs. see more

Assess Value Creation and Translate to Price. see more

Develop Fact-Driven Cost Targets. see more