The way in which we execute our work is of great interest to our clients, who often ask us to teach their organizations our methods for generating unique and deep business insight.

At the heart of this value lies a deep competence in state-of-the art research, and its application to custom frameworks, developed by our consulting team over decades of practice and implementation.

Methodical and driven by a need to penetrate the most opaque questions, we draw parallels between our growth strategy work and archaeology, an apt comparison for several reasons. Much like a dig site, our work surveys an often unbounded landscape and stakes out a figurative grid to help systematize, prioritize, and sequence the ensuing effort. Next, we carefully dig to varying depths, depending on the site's topography and our pre-existing knowledge of where we are most likely to find relevant information. We apply a variety of specialized tools which allow us to penetrate, sift, and comb through the data with both speed and finesse. Finally, once located and extracted, we assemble these fragments into a framework which allows an otherwise unintelligible picture to emerge.

These four elements – our systematic research process, varying depths, specialized tools, and structured frameworks – constitute our firm’s unique capability in unearthing critical insights.

“I tell people, if you want industry expertise, don’t call these guys. if you want a firm with processes And work ethic to get to the answers in any industry, call them. and they not only get you to the answers, they give you a pathway to execute on them. That’s what’s so valuable.”

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about our firm

Based in Northeast Ohio, Bush Consulting Group is a team of industry generalists with extensive consulting and executive management experience.
Because our work crosses over many industries, we bring unparalleled expertise in helping companies in any field quickly identify the best opportunities to grow. Our experience in sciences and engineering and our location in the heart of the U.S.’s industrial center position us well to support innovation-driven clients in highly technical fields.
With our talented consulting team and a network of hundreds of industry subject matter experts we tap into for virtually all of our assignments, we offer our clients the best of both worlds: a firm with deep expertise in growth disciplines, supported by world-class subject matter expertise.
This experience, our analytical orientation, and proven approaches make us a top-tier service provider to our clients, some of the largest and most respected companies globally. This recipe has worked so well that more than 90% of our firm’s revenue comes from repeat business.
Our clients cite three factors about our business which keeps them coming back to us, over and over.

  • Our ability to quickly reach a level of depth – business and technical – which they don't find in other resources.
  • Our flexible model which allows us to work in close collaboration with client teams or operate independently – responding to meet intensely tight deadlines or budgeting our effort over extended time frames.
  • Our ability to generate truly differentiating insight through our work, insight which reduces time, missteps, and enhances the value of our growth initiatives.

Our repeat business is not by accident. It's a result of the approach to our work, which we refer to as Business Archaeology. It’s a combination of process, expertise, tools, and frameworks, and it has translated to billions in growth for our clients.