Our client was concerned its newly designed drive train component wasn’t realizing desired market penetration. Bush Consulting Group was asked to discover why customers weren’t adopting the new design. The situation was evaluated along geographic, application, and other segmentations in order to uncover what went wrong.  

Bush Consulting Group discovered the client’s new product design had missed the mark. Learnings revealed that for each segment, very different drivers of adoption were at play; a universal design would not succeed. The European construction equipment market was being driven by demand for energy efficiency in response to anticipated regulation while the underground mining market by uptime and ease of maintenance.  

Our team recommended a rapid adjustment to product design goals in order to better position the product within multiple segments. Braking technology was de-emphasized in exchange for reliability and new part fasteners were designed to simplify change-out. A warranty program was recommended to recover lost market share. Finally, a legacy design, which could be rapidly modified to embody these features was re-introduced in the interim to minimize the product launch timing.

Industrial Equipment new product design

Industrial Equipment